Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SurLaLune on Wal-Mart Exclusive Snow White & The Huntsman

I just wanted to verify to the SurLaLune readers here that the film short--"Snow White Through Time"--which features an interview with me appears on the Wal-Mart exclusive release of the Snow White & The Huntsman (Blu-ray + DVD). You can buy it in stores or online. I don't think the DVD will be reprinted in any new print runs, so once these sell out, the exclusive release will no longer be available.

The Bonus DVD also includes extra features about the music and the art of the mirror ("A Mirror Like No Other) as well as a music video by Florence + The Machine.

I bought my copy yesterday and was relieved. It's hard to give up control and one always hopes that the editing is fair. In other words, I don't think I sound like a fool! And I have been told the piece was re-edited to add more of my interview into it so the studio was happy with it, too. Thanks to Karina and her team who handled me so well and made this a great experience.

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  1. Oh congratulations. I just kind of lurk, but I missed the fact that you were going to be interviewed for this! That's great! I will get a copy this week so I can see the interview.