Friday, September 21, 2012

Advertising: Red Riding Hood and Chocolat Lanvin circa 1950

For my birthday--back in May!--dear friend Valerie sent me a goody box which included a little zipper bag with a version of the above illustration on it. Apparently, the illustration by Hervé Morvan was done for Chocolat Lanvin circa 1950. I haven't taken a good picture of the bag but I wanted to finally share this--and thank Valerie and Eli again for the bag. I think it will be a great storage bag for my Little Red Riding Hood finger puppets set.

Here is the slightly different image which appears on my bag, if you want to play a quick game of Find the Differences. Actually my bag's wolf is black with no brown and the Lanvin text is green, but the blue wrapper is more accurate. This version is apparently a repurposed 1960s rendition to reflect new packaging from the original.

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