Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fairytale by Jessica Sanchez

Time for a new pop song to loosely use fairy tales as inspiration. This year's American Idol second place winner, Jessica Sanchez, is promoting her new song, Fairytale. A concert video is above and part of the lyrics--the most pertinent to fairy tales--are below:

I'm kinda jealous that your boyfriend
Seems like a fairytale, like a fairytale
He's hella perfect, hella cute, hella fun
Like a fairytale, like a fairytale

Did he come to your rescue?
Did he win the fight?
Did he slay the dragon?
Did you romp in the night?

So, I can't stop starin'
I'm still in shock
How did you find him?
He's smokin' hot
Must still pay cupid
More than a lot
To go searching
All around the clock for him

And that's all I have to share about this one!

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