Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bargain Book: Dark of the Moon by Tracy Barrett

Dark of the Moon by Tracy Barrett is bargain priced in both hardcover and ebook format. The ebook pricing appears to be based upon the hardcover so it will fluctuate according to the demand and inventory on the hardcover most likely. In other words, don't wait if this one interests you because it's not part of the monthly deals. The ebook went as low as $1.58 this week and has been edging up again to $2.00 this past hour. The hardcover is currently $2.11.

Book description:

Ariadne is destined to become a goddess of the moon. She leads a lonely life, filled with hours of rigorous training by stern priestesses. Her former friends no longer dare to look at her, much less speak to her. All that she has left are her mother and her beloved, misshapen brother Asterion, who must be held captive below the palace for his own safety.

So when a ship arrives one spring day, bearing a tribute of slaves from Athens, Ariadne sneaks out to meet it. These newcomers don’t know the ways of Krete; perhaps they won’t be afraid of a girl who will someday be a powerful goddess. And indeed she meets Theseus, the son of the king of Athens. Ariadne finds herself drawn to the newcomer, and soon they form a friendship—one that could perhaps become something more. Yet Theseus is doomed to die as an offering to the Minotaur, that monster beneath the palace—unless he can kill the beast first. And that "monster" is Ariadne’s brother . . .

I don't highlight many myth inspired novels here on SurLaLune although they certainly fit in the parameters of the site's purpose. Barrett is also a professor of Italian at Vanderbilt University and active in the Nashville area with the writing community, primarily children's and YA authors. This book is a fine entry into her body of work which has been crossed fantasy, historical and mystery genres. It's hard not to find inspiration for Greek mythology in Nashville with our very own Parthenon and Athena to visit.

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