Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Monster High Scary Tale Dolls

I know next to nothing about the Monster High toys put out by Mattel. They have a website and a huge online following. I stumbled across these exclusive Target edition dolls this past weekend when shopping for something else. First thought, "Barbie mated with Todd McFarlane's fairy tale figures!" These lean more Barbie than McFarlane--a visit to the website proves that point where the characters have favorite foods, colors, pet, crushes and GFFs instead of BFFs--but these are still toys that would have never been around when I was a kid.

Anyway, enterprising sellers have these available on Amazon where you can see better box images--complete with rhyming fairy tales on the back--are viewable. There are also many, many YouTube videos of these dolls alone. How I missed these since they were released a few months ago, I don't know. Call it the "moving house syndrome."

And, yes, the best prices on these are at Target (no SurLaLune affiliation) since that is where they are especially licensed for distribution. They are limited edition, too. Fascinating toy line, especially the zombie parts and assemble your own doll sets. Hopefully these children will become doctors when they grow up....or genre fiction writers.

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