Sunday, September 30, 2012

Miss Clara's The Twelve Dancing Princesses


Back in January, I posted a few entries dedicated to the illustrative work of Miss Clara. At the time, only one of her fairy tale books had been packaged for US audiences. Now there are two! The Twelve Dancing Princesses is officially released by Barefoot Books tomorrow. It, along with The Snow Queen, are now available in English, for Miss Clara is originally published in French.

I don't have page images for this book yet, but here are pages from the French editions. These books are chapter books but they are beautifully packaged with many, many of Miss Clara's illustrations. Her other fairy tale is Peau d'Ane, Donkeyskin to us, and I am fearful Barefoot Books won't option that one since it is a difficult tale for Americans to handle and is virtually ignored by us--unless you are me and have been working on a Cinderella book for years. But she has a Princess and the Pea (La princesse au petit pois) coming out in France in November so we have a good chance that it will find an American publisher, too.

I mean, don't you want that book? In English? To have and to share? So buy these. Please! Show Barefoot Books the Miss Clara love just for me! Both of these books qualify for Amazon's perennial Buy 4 for 3 promotion, too, so you could get extras and give as gifts.

And I'm not ignoring the fine writing of Mary Hoffman or Sarah Lowe for these English editions either. Not that I've read either one yet for I have only just ordered these myself.

And now I will hit the publish button and walk away from the keyboard so I can stop the gushing. Really, how often do I gush like this. I adore Miss Clara's work obviously.

Barefoot Books has these bookmarks for promotion--no, I don't have these either since I am not a Barefoot Books Ambassador, but they give you another taste for the book. I toured Barefoot years ago when I attended a summer symposium at Simmons College. They continue to be a great publisher and have a strong list of fairy tale related titles, too.

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