Monday, September 10, 2012

Fairy Tale Fashion in The Tennessean

This appeared last week in my local newspaper but irony is that I found it through Google News Search. Then I remembered I did an interview for a fairy tale and fashion article this past spring for Sleek Magazine, not The Tennessean. So I will be sharing that today as well as this from Fall fashion is all about fairy tales, Posted on Aug. 31, 2012 by Cathi at The Tennessean:

Once upon a time there lived a woman, who toiled day in and day out — paying bills, carpooling and juggling work and home life. She longed for a respite, just a tiny bit of the fairy tales she loved as a child.

Well, fashion heard her unspoken desire for fantasy, both good and evil, and has delivered for fall.

While there are countless trends this autumn — the ankle pant, a structured peplum, leather and an abundance of prints — the overriding theme in almost every collection is a dreamy, fairy-tale-like quality.

There is a slideshow to be seen so click through to see.

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