Saturday, September 15, 2012

Katy Perry's Wide Awake

I admit my knowledge of Katy Perry is extremely limited and this is old news to those who do know her work, but this video for her single, Wide Awake, obviously had some fantasy/fairy tale inspiration. The title subtly references Sleeping Beauty, too, if you want to go that route. So I am sharing it here on this sleepy Saturday morning.

From Katy Perry's VMA-Nominated 'Wide Awake' Video Welcomes Singer Back To Reality by Jocelyn Vena:

When Datis came on-board to direct Perry's video for "Wide Awake," he knew exactly what he wanted it to look like.

"Well, Katy's world is already very dreamlike, and my videos always have a fairy-tale aspect to them. Therefore, it was obvious for me to start off with this concept," the director, who has also worked with Skrillex on multiple occasions, told MTV News. "We never spoke about that beforehand. I wrote the story whilst listening to her music."

Partly autobiographical, the clip also features a little girl with a striking resemblance to Perry, who represents her childlike innocence. The two make their way through an "amazing labyrinth."

"We cast a lot of young girls, and she stood out. She was so professional, and quiet too," he said. "Katy and her got along almost instantly — they spent their time with each other on set."

The most memorable visual in the video is when Perry punches her Prince Charming, an obvious allusion to her split from Russell Brand. "That was an idea of mine. We needed a strong image to show this particular moment where Katy doesn't believe in fairy tales anymore," he said.

And from Katy Perry Enters a Fairy Tale Wonderland in ‘Wide Awake’ Video Teaser
by: Jessica Sager
cause the strawberry line made me smile:

What’s in the final chapter? Apparently a “giant labyrinth” (we can only wish for David Bowie to make a cameo!), a poison strawberry (it seems the flurry of Snow White films of late monopolized all of the apples), a “curious cat” that looks nothing like Kitty Purry and one sketchy scam artist of a Prince Charming.

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