Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bargain Ebook and Hardcover: Little Sister and the Month Brothers

Little Sister and the Month Brothers by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers (Author) and Margot Tomes (Illustrator) is bargain priced in hardcover for $1.81 right now at Amazon. Buy it QUICK if you want it for it will not last long at that price. Although billed as Cinderella variant, it is more of a Diamonds and Toads variant. In publishing, just about every Diamonds and Toads variant is billed as a Cinderella tale to sell it better. Cinderella has that super celebrity power.

In addition, Little Sister And The Month Brothers is $1.72 in ebook format as a preorder, to be released November 13th. This price will probably go up when the bargain priced hardcover is sold out or changed.
Book description:

Little Sister is very busy doing all the work around the house and the yard. But she doesn’t mind: she sings and hums, and she grows prettier and prettier as she does her chores. Her wicked stepmother and stepsister can’t stand the fact that Little Sister is so happy. One day, they tell Little Sister to bring home violets in the middle of winter—or not to come home at all!

How Little Sister gets help from the Month Brothers in the forest offers a delightful twist on this Slavic version of Cinderella.

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