Friday, September 14, 2012

A-England's Gothic Beauties Nail Polish

Jane Eyre - Tess D'urbervilles - Ophelia - Lady of Shalott - Dorian Gray

I have posted about A-England nail polish before. It's a double threat to my pocket book since my only makeup weakness is nail polish. I have to wear it to keep my nails from breaking (some things about getting older are a nuisance although I enjoy it overall) and I might as well have fun while applying and wearing it.

Well, A-England is a double threat because (1) it's a great polish, one of my favorites for application and wear and (2) the collections--only three so far--are all literature inspired. Now isn't that an impossible lure for someone like me? Yes, it is.

The first collection was King Arthur inspired (Tristam and Lady of the Lake are my faves) and the second drew from other Legends (St George and Dragon are my faves from this one).

The newest is the Gothic Beauties collection and it pulls mostly from 19th century literature (excepting some Shakespeare), including two favorites of mine, Jane Eyre and Lady of Shalott. (Hey, those are related to Bluebeard and Rapunzel, so we're still on topic here. Sort of!)

The best places for now to see how the polishes look is at the Fashion Polish Blog (one image below) and at the A Polish Addict blog (source of picture at top of this post). The polishes can be ordered from the A-England site as well as Llarowe from whom I have ordered in the past with success.

Now this would be the company to create my dream fairy tale inspired nail polish collection. Orly and China Glaze and BB Couture and others have made some fine attempts but I'd tweak every single collection.

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