Monday, September 3, 2012

Fairy Tale by Bead Treasures at Hobby Lobby

Fairy Tale by Bead Treasures is a line of jewelry pendant and charms--in the beading section--currently available at Hobby Lobby in the US. The pieces are 50% off in stores this week but not online from what I can see. The selection in store is also much larger. I will try to photograph the extras that I purchased to share with you although many of my favorites are online and were easy to capture images for on the Hobby Lobby site.

There was something similar to this at Joann Fabric much earlier this year but by the time I saw it none of the remaining pieces were very fairy tale related nor did the empty slot descriptions appear to be fairy tale related. These from Hobby Lobby are without a doubt fairy tale inspired although there is more in the line that is not. Click through the link above to see what is available online. And if you live near a Hobby Lobby, I recommend going in next week to save the 50% discount.



  1. This looks amazing, would love to work with these. Thank you for telling us ..... x

  2. I am trying to locate a specific charm for a friend for Christmas. The Fairy Tale # is 550350 and is a charm of a house/cottage. Any suggestions as where to look would be appreciated.