Friday, September 7, 2012

New Book: Under My Hat: Tales from the Cauldron edited by Jonathan Strahan

Under My Hat: Tales from the Cauldron edited by Jonathan Strahan is a new release.

I know at least a few stories are fairy tale inspired or influenced thanks to this review from Kirkus:

Eighteen short tales about witches by some of the wickedest names in fantasy make for a rich anthology. . . . The writers are simply stellar: Ellen Kushner, Frances Hardinge, Charles de Lint, Tanith Lee, Ellen Klages and Holly Black, among others. Neil Gaiman’s contribution is a witchy, weird poem. Garth Nix’s “A Handful of Ashes” features a library and librarian. Delia Sherman’s “The Witch in the Woods” is beautiful and romantic, with deer and bear shape-shifters and no small darkness. Jim Butcher has a Harry Dresden story (“B is for Bigfoot”), and it’s terrific. Jane Yolen makes Hans Christian Andersen’s life a tale itself, and Patricia McKillip’s “Which Witch” makes loud music and crow magic elegantly. The best, however, may be Peter S. Beagle’s “Great-Grandmother in the Cellar” (yes, she is, and she goes back there, too, but not the way she came, in this "Sleeping Beauty" variant). Readers will find much to enjoy. . . .
And with the list of contributing authors, I'm sure many of you will have multiple reasons to hunt down a copy of this book. That's a really strong cast of authors if I say so myself, rather like The Avengers film in book format.
Table of Contents:

1.Introduction: Looking Under the Hat”, Jonathan Strahan
2.“Stray Magic”, Diana Peterfreund
3.“Payment Due”, Frances Hardinge
4.“A Handful of Ashes”, Garth Nix
5.“Little Gods”, Holly Black
6.“Barrio Girls”, Charles de Lint
7.“Felidis”, Tanith Lee
8.“Witch Work”, Neil Gaiman (poem)
9.“The Education of a Witch”, Ellen Klages
10.“The Threefold World”, Ellen Kushner
11.“The Witch in the Wood”, Delia Sherman
12.“Which Witch”, Patricia A. McKillip
13.“The Carved Forest”, Tim Pratt
14.“Burning Castles”, M. Rickert
15.“The Stone Witch”, Isobelle Carmody
16.“Andersen’s Witch”, Jane Yolen
17.“B Is for Bigfoot”, Jim Butcher
18.“Great-Grandmother in the Cellar”, Peter S. Beagle
19.“Crow and Caper, Caper and Crow”, Margo Lanagan

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