Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Housekeeping: Twitter and Facebook

Clarke's Wild Swans
The Wild Swans by Harry Clarke

I just wanted to update readers with the news that I'm trying to be media savvy again now that I am achieving a semi-regular life routine.

Twitter: I've started tweeting the blog posts here with an occasional extra, like a favorite quote. You can follow me on Twitter at @SurLaLuneHeidi if that is your preferred method of reading about fairy tales.

Facebook: I'm still not changeable enough to want to use Facebook to its full potential. It's a personal thing--such as how the design and constant changes hurt my psyche and essentially waste my valuable time--but my Twitter tweets are feeding into Facebook so the official SurLaLune Fairy Tales Facebook page is active again. Twitter lets me hit two birds with one stone with very little recoil. So you can like the page and hopefully get updates on the blog posts if you prefer Facebook to Google or other reader methods.

On a personal note, I have a personal Facebook page so that I can operate the SurLaLune Facebook page, but I don't plan to actively post to it other than allowing the same feed from Twitter that the SurLaLune page receives.

I won't be accepting personal Facebook Friend requests out of convenience, not any desire to reject anyone. I simply don't have the bandwidth to keep a personal Facebook page active. I keep up with my friends in other ways--and my husband is very active on Facebook so I get some personal life updates through him--but some parts of my life must remain private for my own sanity.

You can also still receive email digests of the blog--I get them daily myself--using the buttons to the left to subscribe.

If there is some other feed or opportunity for reaching an audience that you feel I should pursue, please comment here and I will consider its viability.

Thanks and see you around the web!

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