Friday, December 2, 2011

Fairy Tale Toys: LEGO Fairy Tale Historic Miniature Figures

LEGO Fairy Tale Historic Miniature Figures - Contains 227 Pieces is a recent find and hey, it's LEGO! I only wish I had a bigger image. This is on my wish list now because no household really ever has too many Legos, does it?

This LEGO set is a great addition to any LEGO brick set. The set includes pirates, a witch and wizard, a king and queen, mine workers, a mermaid and merman and many more! Provides 22 mini figures and great accessories for each set of figures too.

So, no, more fairy tale in the sense of "fantasy" figures but we don't really care, do we?
I actually stumbled across this one when searching for a holiday gift for my nephew, the most reluctant reader among the children in my life but I am a difficult aunt and have a strict policy of book giving for holidays and birthdays. Mean old me! However, I am not at all difficult about topics--he's received superheroes and sports and any book I think he may be tempted to read and well, the X-Men easy readers were read by him last Christmas, so it works. This year I think he is getting The LEGO Ideas Book.


  1. There's a wide of variety of creatures in fairy tale line. There's also plenty of colors selection and fairies individual designs.

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