Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Advertising: Amnesty International and Fairy Tales

Mom was reading me a tale, till daddy came back...
Violence against women is violation of human rights.

Advertising Agency: Unitas/RNL, Santiago, Chile
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Pancho González
Art Director: Rodrigo Geisse
Copywriter: Pancho González
Photographer: Javiera Eyzaguirre
Account manager: Alexis Sfeir

Via Ads of the World.


  1. I think these would have been more effective if the models were younger and less model-y. These just make me think, "I was reading a tale until my boyfriend/husband got back." Not quite the same message.

    Also, the second ad doesn't go with the theme of the story. Mom-the-Evil-Queen sitting around reading fairytales to Snow White? A little girl gets into the story her mother is reading and imagines herself as an older Snow White, who has just been given a poisoned apple by her stepmother...and then Daddy shows up and shoots her? Wait, what?! They should have chosen a story with a male villain.

  2. I think these imply the violence was against the mother, which makes the older models make sense. Note the "Violence against women" not "violence against children". Both are horrible, of course.

    I don't necessarily think these ads convey the idea very well, but they do at least get the shock value in which is necessary for these sort of campaigns.