Monday, December 5, 2011

My Fairy Tale Gift List Item 1: Small Person With Wings by Ellen Booraem

Small Person With Wings by Ellen Booraem is hitting so many "best of" lists for the year, such as at Kirkus and Publishers Weekly, as well as personal lists on blogs that it has been added to my own gifting list. I think I am going to receive it (I am so nice to myself!) and my niece, too. It sounds like perfect holiday reading, perhaps my pick for reading with Leighton over the holidays which we always do to get away from the chaos of her younger brothers at times.

Book description:

Thirteen-year-old Mellie Turpin once declared to her kindergarten class that she had a fairy living in her bedroom. But before she could bring him in for show-and-tell, he disappeared. Years later, she is still trying to live it down.

When her parents inherit an inn and the family moves to a new town, Mellie sees a chance to finally leave all that fairy nonsense behind. Little does she know that the inn is overrun with ... you guessed it. Oh brother.

There's no such thing as fairies, she tells herself. And even if there were, they'd be nothing to worry about. Right?

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