Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fairy Door Metal Charms by Darice


Last week while I was helping my niece find some beads at Joann Fabric so I could teach her some basics, I stumbled across these charming (ha, pun!) pendants and picked up a few. (There was also a Fairytale line of beads that was mostly sold out with almost no truly fairy tale theme items and what was there wasn't impressive but extremely cheap looking.) But these charms by Darice were fun and I picked up three of the four designs. The bronze looks much classier in real life than the silver although I wear silver almost exclusively, so I settled for two bronze and one silver. The extra element of whimsy is that they open and can have wishes placed inside.

They run about $3.99 at Joann so beware of online pricing although they may be unavailable at many locations so price may not be an issue if you really want one. These images and links are from Amazon where some are reasonably priced and some are not, I chose ones for the convenience of imagery if the price seems high when you click on a few of them. The Joann I was at is a particularly large one with a big beading section, so take that into consideration.




On the card in their packaging, they look like this if you go ahunting:

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