Friday, December 30, 2011

Paper Tales Exhibition in Hong Kong: The Snow Goddess

Here's an exhibit devoted to HCA's Snow Queen (here called Snow Goddess) in Hong Kong the past month. It is still showing until January 20th.

Press Release:

Magical Journey with Swire Island East’s Paper Tales

Swire Island East, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation (YAF), presents Paper Tales – an awe-inspiring exhibition featuring delicate works from 11 local artists and 23 local students using paper as a medium to create objects of innovation and artistry. Led by the project’s main artist SumSum Tse, Paper Tales will be held at Swire Island East’s ArtisTree from 11 December 2011 to 20 January 2012.

Paper Tales flaunts mastery, originality and the divergent adaptability of paper. Artists let their imagination run wild to conceive idiosyncratic installation works, demonstrating complex paper-cutting and book-carving of great finesse. Visitors will see a medley of arresting paper art forms that is not limited to fine cutting and folding. An eccentric and spellbinding art anatomy is showcased, complemented by ambient music composed by Nick Harvey and special lighting effects by Wong Chiyung.

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Goddess, Paper Tales is a magical journey in four chapters encompassing the poetic works of local creative force. The story begins with Pauline Yau’s maze-like Ice Tunnel of light and shadow. Weaving the way through the tunnel, visitors will arrive at Percy So’s Story-telling Installation. Four paper sculptures crafted in traditional paper art techniques unveil the legend of the Snow Goddess.

The tunnel finally opens up to a mysterious icy world. In a secluded setting, the Snow Goddess’s Crystal Palace produced by SumSum Tse emerges as the centrepiece of the exhibition. Visitors will be greeted by the mystical Snow Goddess in an animated projection casted above the Palace.

Teardrops of the affectionate Snow Goddess are transformed into eight Small World Dioramas of floating islands contriving a galactic abyss. Contributing artists include: Aeroporto, Margaret Chu, Graphic Airlines, Candice Keung, Hanison Lau, Salon de Pigeon and Tereza Tan. This section will also feature miniature sculptures created by local secondary students who learned from SumSum Tse through a series of workshops organised by YAF.

The exhibition also offers free guided tours and DIY ornament making workshops during which participants will learn to make crafted objects with used paper.
The images below came from an article at How to enjoy Christmas in Hong Kong while the poster came from the event site.

Pauline Yau makes fragile paper look menacing in her work "The Ice Tunnel."

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