Monday, December 12, 2011

Fairy Tale Gifts 7: Paula Richey

Really, it's so much more interesting to read your fairy tale gift ideas than mine--probably because I live inside my head and hear me all the time--but thank you for sharing. Remember some of you will also get to read some new books, read more at  December Giveaway: Favorite Fairy Tale Things.

Now some ideas from Paula Richey:

I'd like a new copy of Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley... My old paperback is showing some wear!

One of my online friends just posted that she glued a little resin door to the wall beside her fireplace--and when her preschooler noticed it, told her that it was a fairy door, stuck shut with magic. Now the little girl likes to wait there whispering to the fairies that they can come out and play.

I need a little door! ;)

Heidi's note: Oh, I love the fairy doors! These were pictured at The "Fairy Door" Phenomenon In Ann Arbor, Michigan but there's plenty more to be seen on the internet.

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