Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fairy Tale Gifts 11: Davina

Today is the last day to send me your fairy tale gift wishlist to be entered in the giveaway. With only 11 entries, there are some good chances of getting a book! Details at December Giveaway: Favorite Fairy Tale Things.

For today, I have the latest entry I have received from Davina. Here it is:

Hi, Heidi!

First I would just like to say that I recently discovered your website and blog and am so delighted to dive into all the fairy tale information you have put together. It is truly impressive and I am glad to have so much reading ahead of me!

Here is my list of Fairy Tale Gifts:

1. Goose Chase by Patrice Kindl
Already mentioned on the site, but still one of my absolute favorites! A whimsical YA fairy tale story that draws on multiple tales to make a surprisingly cohesive and satisfyingly fresh tale. The wit and spunk of the narrator really charms!


2. The Seventh Swan by Nicholas Stuart Gray

Also already mentioned, but another personal favorite of mine. It is a continuation of The Seven Swans tale and goes on to make a new story. It cleverly draws on fairy tale tropes while providing great characterization. It also brilliantly mixes comedy with tragedy.

3. I Was A Rat! by Philip Pullman
Already mentioned too, but I thought it warranted another spotlight. It is an adorable take on the aftermath of the Cinderella tale. (I have not yet been able to see the movie version and would like to know what everyone on SurLaLune thinks of it.)

4. Jim Henson's the Storyteller Volume 1
Coming out this month! It is the continuation of the Storyteller TV series in graphic novel form, which means new tales in the Storyteller fashion! Here is a list of the new tales included in the book.

5. Dreamkeeper 2003 movie
A wonderful TV movie full of Native American myths and folktales! Fun and informative.

6. Custom Order Large Dragon by Creatures From El on
Exceedingly beautiful hand-sculpted fantasy creatures! (Heidi's note: the one pictured has sold, but there are more!)

7. Tiny felted dragon by Ruta Felt on etsy (Heidi's note: This is sold, too, but there are other adorable critters!)

If you can't afford Creatures From El, maybe this little one is right for you! I love the fire emerging from its mouth. ^^

8. Dear Little Brother by Ravenari on
A beautiful illustration of one my favorite Grimms tales. (Heidi's note: One of my favorites, too! Although I never discuss it here, hmmmm.....)

I would like to share three other things as well but not as gifts/wishlist items, just as some fun things other fairy tale enthusiasts might enjoy. First, on, there is a Korean drama (with English subtitles) called Secret Garden which is quite entertaining and magical in its own right but also happens to repeatedly mention The Little Mermaid throughout as a foil to the main romance plot line. The re-interpretation of that fairy tale is very interesting. Alice In Wonderland also gets some mention. Secondly, there is a Russian cartoon of Sleeping Beauty on youtube (with English dubbing). (Heidi's note: This has been feature on the blog previously.) It is very beautifully drawn. Lastly, an online comic I found illustrating The Hare's Bride. I think the art really captures that tale! (Also featured on the SurLaLune blog last year!)

Thank you!

Davina Behin Jones
Familiar Oddlings on
Davina Behin Jones on

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