Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tim Burton and Sleeping Beauty

Here's some recent Hollywood buzz to share: Tim Burton to Attack 'Sleeping Beauty' Next? by Monika Bartyzel.

There's a new rumor going around -- one that teeters very delicately on the fence between adoration and fear. But either way you fall, don't hold your breath because it's still very much a rumor: Harry over at AICN was talking with a contact who said that Tim Burton isn't done with Disney fairy tales, and now wants to zero in on Sleeping Beauty.

Of course, the most beautiful girl in the land dancing and singing "Once Upon a Dream" isn't really the sort of theme Burton is usually attracted to. So, what's the deal? Supposedly, he doesn't want to focus on Aurora, but rather the other woman of the tale, the one I raved about just a few months ago: Maleficent. In "a quasi Live Actiony kinda way," Burton is said to want to tell the imposing woman's story from her point of view and call the project, aptly, Maleficent.

And Tim Burton to Direct Sleeping Beauty Remake Maleficent? by Brendon Connelly

It bodes well for Alice in Wonderland that Disney are now reportedly lining up another revisionist re-take on one of their cartoon classics for Tim Burton to direct. Maleficent will be a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story that focuses on the Mistress of all Evil instead of that pretty somnambulist and her slightly creepy Prince Phillip.

The studio registered the domain name some time last summer, so I’ve been waiting for news a while. Of course, until now I wasn’t entirely convinced it was going to be a live action picture - well, in so much as it will be live action, which I’m expecting will be probably to just the extent that Alice is - and not an animated spin-off, a la the Tinkerbell series or that Timon and Pumbaa picture.

My first thought was Helena Bonham Carter as Maleficent? Not my vision of her. Carter's a fine actress, but to begin with, she doesn't have the physical stature or overall appearance of the character. But she might not chew scenery like some other actresses I can imagine in the role. I'd prefer her as Aurora even if she would be bored and is past ingenue age.

This means if you are interested in such a film, you'd better head out to see Alice in Wonderland this spring.

And here I admit that Sleeping Beauty is one of my personal favorites of the Disney fairy tale interpretations. (I think it's the entire Once Upon a Dream scene. Actually, I know it is. I have been known to just rush ahead to it and then be bored when it ends. Love the waltz. I rather shudder to imagine what Burton would do with it.)

And I'm still amazed that Tim Burton and Disney inhabit the same planet, let alone collaborate...


  1. Oh I hope it's true! Tim Burton and Maleficent are two of my favourite things :D

    I think you're absolutely right re Helena Bonham Carter as Maleficent. If the rumours are true, I hope Burton has the sense not to cast her in the role.

  2. I might be more excited about this if Tim Burton weren't so Tim Burtony. Seems like he's become sort of a slave to his own style.

  3. Eh, I'm a bit worried about someone thinks that "Maleficent" is the evil stepmother and "Aurora" is Sleeping Beauty. They've both had a lot of names; I don't think redoing Disney is the best approach

  4. I'm sure Tim Burton will do an amazing job. Did you see what he did with 9, the feature film based on the short film of the same name? Then again, I recently read that he fails pretty consistently too...hmm.

  5. Carter would be an excellent fairy, I think, petite and spunky.

  6. I, too, consider Sleeping Beauty to be one of my favorite Disney adaptations, and so I agree with your trepidation.

    I agree with marycatelli, too: any kind of Wicked-ish "other side of the story" treatment would weaken the original Disney film. If they're gonna do it, they should start from scratch and build their own mythos and characters.

    Although..... I have to admit to being intruiged to see the Maleficent costume in live action onscreen. That could be really cool. But not worth it.