Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christensen's Faery Tales Week: Day 8

This is an image heavy post, so I'll keep the rest brief. Here are the answers to the puzzle. Well, at least the ones I know!

Fairy Tale 1: Unknown... This one appears to flummox everyone. It doesn't appear to be Hop O' My Thumb or Tom Thumb which was my first instinct. All the tales represented here are supposed to be "well known" and I can't think of one that fits.

Fairy Tale 2: Cinderella

Fairy Tale 3: Jack and the Beanstalk

Fairy Tale 4: Sleeping Beauty

Fairy Tale 5: Beauty and the Beast

Fairy Tale 6: The Six Swans

Fairy Tale 7: The Brave Little Tailor (Someone guess Puss in Boots on this one thanks to my blurry picture, I think, because I can totally see that. In a better picture it's easier to see that the little figure is a man, not a cat, and that the giant is trying to squeeze a rock like a sponge.)

Fairy Tale 8: Little Red Riding Hood

Fairy Tale 9: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Fairy Tale 10: Rapunzel

Fairy Tale 11: The Frog Prince

Fairy Tale 12: Hansel and Gretel

Fairy Tale 13: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Fairy Tale 14: Rumpelstiltskin

Fairy Tale 15: The Golden Goose

Fairy Tale 16: Little Mermaid

Fairy Tale 17: The Fisherman and His Wife

Fairy Tale 19: The Firebird

Fairy Tale 20: The Seven Ravens

Fairy Tale 21: Puss in Boots

Fairy Tale 22: Diamonds and Toads

Fairy Tale 23: The Emperor's New Clothes

Fairy Tale 24: This is the other fairy tale I'm unsure of. I've debated whether it's one of the tailors from Emperor's New Clothes, but I think not since there is one instead of two tailors and he is still somewhat separated from the action. He must be another tale, unless I've missed a reference to another fairy tale elsewhere in the puzzle. If anyone else sees one I've missed, let me know!

And either way, I'm not sure which fairy tale he would represent which just adds to the mystery... Perhaps someday someone will solve the mysteries for us...


  1. What's shown in the window above #24? I don't see a close-up of that section of the puzzle. Maybe that will provide a clue.

  2. #24 is a Perrault story, called Ricky of the Tuft

  3. I have this puzzle and I found the guide when I was packing for my upcoming move. How fortuitous! #1 is Tom Thumb and #24 is Ricky of the Tuft. Everything else is correct.

  4. This appears to be the official guide: