Monday, January 25, 2010

Christensen's Faery Tales Week: Day 2

Today is the second day of identifying the fairy tales in James Christensen's Faery Tales. I give you four new images:

Fairy Tale 4

Fairy Tale 5

Fairy Tale 6

Fairy Tale 7

For your convenience in copying and pasting into comments:

Fairy Tale 4:
Fairy Tale 5:
Fairy Tale 6:
Fairy Tale 7:

Once again, the puzzle is quite affordable at Amazon and other retailers. It also comes in a 1,000 piece version from what I've seen online, but I preferred the 1,500. Alas, prints of the painting are much more expensive, but readily available at the James Christensen site among others. (I am an Amazon affiliate, as we all know by now, but am not affiliated with any of the other sites linked in this post.)


  1. Fairy Tale 4: Sleeping Beauty
    Fairy Tale 5: The image is kind of unclear. Is that Beauty and the Beast?
    Fairy Tale 6: Seven Swans/Wild Swans
    Fairy Tale 7: Puss in Boots

    This is fun! Lovely puzzle!

  2. The detail on Fairy Tale 4 (Sleeping Beauty) is really pretty!

  3. I agree with Kar, and I think too it must be beauty and the Beast on the fith fairytale.

    Love this puzzle!