Friday, January 15, 2010

Snow White by Jane Ray

Snow White adapted and illustrated by Jane Ray came out stateside this past September. I kept saving it to post for a special week--since I haven't seen it in person yet for one--one either on fairy tale pop-up books or Snow White since one of those is coming soon, too.

However, it just came up bargain priced at 66% off cover price on Amazon, currently $6.78. I've ordered my copy and wanted to give you the opportunity to do the same if you are interested. These prices never last long on Amazon. (Or this one might prove different.)

Publisher's description:

Once there was a beautiful girl with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as dark as the winter branches. In six intricate spreads, delicate paper layers let children peer in the palace window at the wicked queen with her mirror, watch Snow White run to the house of the seven dwarves, and gaze as the prince wakes her in her coffin. As the familiar text unfolds on flaps evoking stage curtains, the scenes play out in dioramas of rare depth and beauty.

Jane Ray has illustrated numerous fairy tales over the years. And is often chosen to illustrate the picture book work of Carol Ann Duffy and Jeannette Winterson as well as Berlie Doherty. I'm thrilled her work has finally been interpreted in three dimensions.

And for those of you across the pond in the UK, (I know you're out there) it is 40% off on Not as deep a bargain, but great all the same.

And I admit I'm just thrilled to add another beautiful pop-up book to my library. The collection grows slowly but surely. The children who know it's there go right to those shelves, sometimes to my chagrin...


  1. Gosh, this does look gorgeous - and thanks for flagging up the reduction on the UK Amazon site. I've just read a review for a pop up Red Riding Hood ( - although the reviewer isn't overly keen on the text, the illustrations (I read this review in a text copy which does include some illustrations) look astonishing.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous book. This is definitely something I will need to add to my collection!

  3. Thanks for the discount heads-up Heidi. This has been on my wish-list since I saw it last year (wish Amazon sent you alerts for when your wish-list items are on sale...)

    Here's a link to images of the beautiful sepia pop-up Red Riding Hood book by Louise Rowe:
    (Thanks "Playing by the book"! for pointing us to it)

  4. I like the look of this. My daughter is going to get a copy from Father Christmas :)