Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bluebeard by Sidhe Etain

Last week I received an email from Sidhe Etain who designs costumes and shares her work online. Recently she designed costumes for the Bluebeard fairy tale and then created some photographic illustrations of the tale using the costumes.

If you read the text and look at the pictures, you will see she takes a more modern approach than the text. In this version, the wife dispenses with Bluebeard instead of her brothers doing so. An interersting juxtaposition of text and imagery.

She uses the text from Walter Crane's illustrated version of Bluebeard published in 1875 and supplements it with thirteen photographs. I am sharing three here, but click through the links to see the entire piece.

All the costumes on her site--not just the Bluebeard ones--are beautiful. And I always enjoy seeing Bluebeard interpreted by others. It is so often forgotten as a fairy tale, thanks to its unromantic and horrific elements.

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