Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Poll, Same Question

In updating the sidebars on this blog--mostly with fun Amazon widgets of new releases coming out in 2010--I've also expanded and started anew the poll at the bottom of the page: What is your favorite fairy tale(s)?

I am keeping it open for all of 2010, but results are limited to one voting per IP address or computer--haven't looked closely but I know I can only vote once--so the results aren't skewed too much.

This is one of those questions that appears periodically from students and others on the SurLaLune Discussion Board. The poll is not rigid, but it is a little more scientific. I always enjoy seeing the results myself. And then I compare them with the traffic stats I have to various tales on SurLaLune--they rarely match up. Which means most of my readers here are lovers of tales.

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