Monday, January 18, 2010

Fender Fairy Tale Ads from the 1970s

Today I present a series of four ads for Fender Guitars from the 1970s. These have become somewhat of a collector's item and are back in print as posters from the Fender site and on other sites such as Amazon where they are selling out quickly. (Don't worry, they should be on Fender for a while if you like them that much.)

According to Fender, this "popular 'Fairy Tale' ad campaign of 1975-76 depicted a host of fairy tale characters using Fender guitars, basses, amps and effects units." It was one of the most memorable and timeless campaigns in the history of the Fender.

All posters had a version of the tale written below the illustrations--I can't find the text so far to share--but they were given a Fenderized twist, such as "Someone’s been playing my Telecaster," said Papa Bear.

Below are the best online images I could find, courtesy of Fender.

Fender™ Fairy Tale Ad: Seven Dwarves by Bruce Wolfe

Fender™ Fairy Tale Ad: Grandma's House by Bruce Wolfe

Fender™ Fairy Tale Ad: Three Bears by Bruce Wolfe

Fender™ Fairy Tale Ad: Alice & Wonderland by Bruce Wolfe

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