Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Finger Puppet Fun: Artfelt

Yesterday's post of handmade felt finger puppets reminded me of my favorite resource for quality handmade finger puppets. I learned about Artfelt when I worked as a librarian in California and was quickly converted by the materials, especially the flannel board. I had always hated doing flannel boards until I started using this board and many of the kits.

The puppets are sewn to be used either as finger puppets or as flannel board pieces. They adhere very well to a flannel surface. And in fitting with the blog, here are the fairy tale themed kits that are available, although several more with other themes are also produced.

The Three Little Pigs

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

A Gingerbread Man Story-Rhyme Arfelt also has rhymes and stories with each set and I have used the Gingerbread Man one several times over the years to tell the story.

"Once there was a Gingerbread Man,
Baking in a gingerbread pan,
Rasin eyes and cherry lips,
Trimmed right down to his finger tips.
A Gingerbread Man in a gingerbread pan!"

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

And this isn't a fairy tale, but this set is the one I've used so much that I have two just in case pieces disappear. It's a favorite and I still receive emails and inquiries about it. It's Five Elephants in a Bathtub. See my Elephant story time ideas on SurLaLune Storytime. Mouse Paint runs a close second though...

And finally the boards. They come in two colors and two sizes. I have this blue one and treasure it. I used it over Christmas for some activities. It's heavyweight but folds flat so it is easy to store. It also doesn't tip over when placed on a flat surface, so it is safer around the toddlers who manage to knock over so much with no sharp corners to cut skin like so many of the metal framed versions do from other resources. The pyramid shape also allows for easy prestaging on the backside (both sides are covered in high quality felt) or puppets can be hidden in the interior. Love it.

I imagine the puppets I featured yesterday would also work well as flannel board pieces since they are made of high quality felt, too.

I am not affiliated with Artfelt--I'm just a fan and I have ordered from them for many years. My flannel board is about seven years old now--I bought my own after leaving the library--and it still looks almost new despite much traveling and usage.


  1. Awe, these look like enormous imaginative fun!

  2. I have done some research about what finger puppets are, so I found out that besides toys, they are a great way to amuse children, make them learn new stuff and eve to improve their motion