Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finger Puppet Fun: Lilliputiens

Lilliputiens is a toy company in Belgium that sells some of their toys in the states. The company reminds me of Manhattan Toy which I will feature later this week.

I know of a few fairy tale themed toys produced by the company, one of which I found when exploring Bordeaux, France a few years ago. John and I were walking along a street when I looked over and saw this first set in a toy store window. I fell in love and flirted with them when we were supposed to meet my parents at a cathedral further along the way, so finally John bought them as an early Christmas present. Snow White is not one of my favorite tales--although I've come to appreciate it more and more in the past few months--but I am happy I have this set.

Marionnettes À Doigts: Blanche Neige et les 7 Nains by Lilliputiens. This is not my set, but an image I found on the web. They don't appear to be in production anymore, but can perhaps be found through some international sellers. I think they are adorable even if they do borrow a little from Disney's versions of the characters.

I found these listed on Lilliputiens Les 3 Cochons Petits Love these, too. Like the way the pigs match their houses.

And finally, Le Petit Chaperon rouge which I also found on They are my least favorite of the three sets here, but still worth showing.

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