Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Christensen's Faery Tales Week: Day 4

Today is the fourth day of identifying the fairy tales in James Christensen's Faery Tales. I give you four new images:

Fairy Tale 11

Fairy Tale 12

Fairy Tale 13

Fairy Tale 14

For your convenience in copying and pasting into comments:

Fairy Tale 11:
Fairy Tale 12:
Fairy Tale 13:
Fairy Tale 14:

Once again, the puzzle is quite affordable at Amazon and other retailers. It also comes in a 1,000 piece version from what I've seen online, but I preferred the 1,500. Alas, prints of the painting are much more expensive, but readily available at the James Christensen site among others. (I am an Amazon affiliate, as we all know by now, but am not affiliated with any of the other sites linked in this post.)


  1. I do know that I want that exact same roof on the Three Bears' house for my own home now....

  2. I searched for a quote by GK Chesterton about fairies today and stumbled (a) on your site which contained (b) an absolutely lovely essay by chesterton and then (c) onto this blog. Very charming all around. Hello!

  3. The houses in Fairy Tale 12 (Hansel & Gretel) and Fairy Tale 13 (Goldilocks & The Three Bears) are lovely!

    Fairy Tale 11: The Frog Prince
    Fairy Tale 14: Rumplestiltskin