Friday, January 22, 2010

Melkesjokolade et lite eventyr

New SurLaLune blog reader Eirin is Norwegian and she sent me an email about a couple of fairy tale offerings in Norway, including Melkesjokolade et lite eventyr (English translation: Milk chocolate, a little fairy tale).

The small chocolate bar is made by Freia and packaged with a fairy tale illustration on the outside. Then the inside has a fairy tale printed on it to read. Love it! I went searching for images of the wrapper, inside and out, and alas only found these two exterior ones. The first is from where you can also order the chocolate stateside. (SurLaLune is not affiliated.)

I found this second image on Flickr and it is by Mazda6 (Tor). It gives you an idea of the size of the bar, small and obviously marketed primarily for children. Glad I'm a child at heart... (At 24 g, it's slightly bigger than a snack size (two stick size) Kit Kat bar which is 21 g).

It also has a Wikipedia entry, but no images are provided there.

One set of my great-grandparents immigrated from Norway at the turn of the last century, making me a full quarter Norwegian just a few generations back so I am always thrilled to learn more about Norwegian fairy tales and related stuff, like chocolate! I've only had Daim before--another Norwegian chocolate--since it is readily available at Ikea, although I've seen it on my few trips to Europe, too. Melkesjokolade was unknown to me until now though.

Thanks for sharing, Eirin! Eirin also shared information on a fairy tale drink made by Ringnes called Eventyr Brus, of which I am gathering imagery to share, too.

Perhaps I should order a few bars, all for the sake of research, of course!


  1. How fun you found my tip useful! And you are a full quarter norwegian! How great! The chocolates size is perfect for a little taste of chocolate.

  2. I'll order a few bars for research purposes too, and we can compare notes. This is the coolest thing I've seen all day!