Friday, May 30, 2014

New Print Release: Beauty and The Beast: Act One (Volume 1) by Megan Kearney

Beauty and The Beast: Act One (Megan Kearney's Beauty and The Beast) (Volume 1) by Megan Kearney has been released in print.

If you are not familiar with Kearney's work, she has a web comic series of Beauty and the Beast. I wrote about it originally on the blog at Meagan Kearney's Beauty and the Beast. She has also shared a guest post with us in the past at A BEAUTIFUL BEAST: A Discussion of Panna A Netvor by Megan Kearney which shows her passion for Beauty and the Beast tales. A passion, I share, of course since this is my favorite tale, too.

Well, Act 1 of her Beauty and the Beast has wrapped up and is now available in print for those of us who prefer to read their graphic novels on paper. Or just want to keep a version of this tale for their personal libraries. You can keep up with Act II on her site or visit Kearney's main site at The Quietly to learn more about her. You can see her drawing style by looking inside the book at Amazon or at the comic's home site.

I also have this trailer to share:

Book description:

When her father returns from a journey bearing strange stories and stranger gifts, Beauty takes it upon herself to fulfill his debt to a mysterious creature called only “The Beast”. But neither the soft-spoken Beast or the uncanny Castle where he makes his home are what Beauty expects. Both harbour more secrets than she could have anticipated, and neither will give them up easily...

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  1. I love this comic and the new book is beautiful (I just got it this week). Thanks for linking it in the first place, since I'm pretty sure I found it through you!