Monday, May 12, 2014

Fairy Tales in Stitches Week: Nora Corbett's Mirabilia

Wow, believe it or not, I didn't realize that the SurLaLune blog will turn five years old next month in June. I don't mark the anniversaries for the blog so much since I mostly consider it a supplement to the SurLaLune main site which is much older--15 years old in 2013.

Back in November 2009 I had a Fairy Tales in Stitches Week which was fun for me since I occasionally do some cross stitch. It's rare since my free time these days is spent researching, compiling and editing SurLaLune book collections. But occasionally I miss the cathartic influence of making an image with needle and thread--while watching tv, of course. Makes tv viewing time much more enjoyable actually.

Fairy Tales in Stitches Week: Nora Corbett was one of my favorite posts since Corbett's Mirabilia line is one of my favorites--the one I have stitched the most myself. Although I have never stitched one of her fairy tale patterns. I need to rectify that after seeing the new designs--fairy tale and myth inspired--for the Mirabilia line.

Let me share the new ones--visit the old post to see the older Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty designs. I'll start with my favorite:

Red: I WANT to stitch this. Wow. It doesn't even fit in my decor, but I would find a place. 

Once upon a time, her mother told her to beware the dangers of the forest, but Red, all grown up, forges her own path. As she walks through the woods in her intricately patterned dress, she glances to her left, mindful of the wolves in her wake. Yet she smiles with satisfaction, confident her sumptuous and billowing red cloak has the power to mesmerize them; this time, the wolves will do her bidding.

Susan Redington Bobby


In honor of her mother who stitched in the palace orchard, Biancabella visits the place where her mother once pricked her finger and made a wish. Her heart’s desire was to be granted a lovely daughter with skin as white as the fragrant snowdrops at her feet, hair as black as the friendly raven who perched above, and lips as red as the crisp apples that hung from the branches around her.

Dressed to celebrate her birthday in a stunning robin’s egg blue gown trimmed with royal purple and embellished with fine ribbons and lace, she holds the last apple of the season aloft, admiring its succulent scent, wondering if it possesses the power to bring her a true love in spring.
Susan Redington Bobby

Ella, The Frog Princess

Rippit, rippit, rippit!

If there is one thing stitchers fear, it is a visit from the frog. But what if things are not always as they seem? Perhaps inside this diminutive creature lies a secret: the satisfaction of a perfectly stitched piece, the realization of a hope or dream fulfilled, or even a dashing and handsome prince. Bedecked in a three-tiered buttercream confection, festooned with fresh flowers and sparkling with gemstones, Ella stands poised to choose her future. Will she kiss the frog? Ella’s smile says “yes.”

Susan Redington Bobby

Sleeping Princess (This one reminds me of Princess and the Pea, but she is sleeping too well.)

Once upon a time, on a bed of tufted silks and embroidered pillows, a princess lies
dreaming of roses and lilies.



Like the lotus flowers behind her, with their blooms growing up from the darkness, Persephone emerges from the underworld once a year to return to her mother Demeter and herald the beginning of spring. Surrounded by cranes, symbols of happiness, good fortune, and longevity, she embraces the beauty of the Victorian era in her aquamarine gown while she contemplates the luscious pomegranate and the coming harvest.

Susan Redington Bobby


Once confined to a constellation in the heavens as a punishment for her vanity, Cassiopeia returns to Earth, holding delicate palm fronds, symbols of triumph and eternal life. She lounges on her royal purple throne, hand-carved of gold, wearing a majestic teal ball gown embellished with feathers from exotic birds and intricate embroidery. Wary of tempting fate with a hand-held mirror, she avoids staring at her own reflection. Yet there is no doubt in her mind that her beauty outshines the Nereids, just like the pale yellow metallic thread which glows like clusters of fireflies in the dark, a brilliant reminder of the stars that once shone for her.

Susan Redington Bobby

Finally, I am not affiliated with them but for convenience I recommend 123stitch for acquiring these patterns. I have a favorite local shop in Nashville, but they don't do online orders. I have used 123stitch personally in the past and liked their service, so I feel okay offering them as a resource link.

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  1. I remember your fairy tales in stitches post from years ago when you first mentioned Nora's designs and I probably posted then because I've stitched her work for about 20 years now. Through a strange twist of fate I ended up meeting Nora online and then being asked by her to help her name her designs (starting with Persephone) and then write the little tales that accompany them. So I just wanted to thank you for featuring her work (and indirectly, mine) through your blog. Nora has been designing such amazing pieces, and there are many more beautiful designs in the works, each with a story to accompany her image. If you are not familiar with her mother's work, she, too, has some fairy tale pieces. Her name is Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum, and she has 3 fairy designs under her Lavender and Lace line as well as a piece called Once Upon a Time under her Butternut Road line. Thanks again for featuring the Mirabilia designs! --Susan Redington Bobby