Monday, May 19, 2014

Grimm DVDs on Sale

Grimm: Season 1 and Grimm: Season 2 have both dropped in price significantly over the weekend, probably since the third season just ended and is available for preorder at Grimm: Season 3. The prices are fluctuating but are standing at about 20-30% less than their usual prices on Amazon.

Gypsy just wrote a fun post about the Grimm season finale over on Once Upon a Blog which made me smile.

That's the thing about the little show that could we call Grimm. It makes me smile. On paper, it makes no sense to me--I don't do the horror elements personally and detective shows are stale even if I watch a few.

But I will admit here that Grimm pleases me on so many more levels than Once Upon a Time, namely because they do their research on fairy tales and other folklore to inspire them. I see those quotes at the beginning of each episode and it makes me happy every time, especially when I recognize it!

I appreciate OUAT but I don't really enjoy it--it irritates me more often than not with its Disney commercialization--but I am thrilled so many people love it. It has been a juggernaut. Yay for it!

I'm not actively watching Grimm each week depending on my time constraints, but when I catch it, I enjoy it. I give it more time than OUAT because I find its storytelling more compelling and less predictable. It feels like an independent film show next to OUAT's major Hollywood studio slickness. I enjoyed Grimm's ending. I groaned at OUAT's ending, even though the media had alerted us it was coming. And, hey, I liked Frozen well enough. I have a niece who adores it. Watching the film become a worldwide phenomenon has been fascinating.

And I am so happy they have all been renewed for a 4th season! Who knew that Grimm and Once Upon a Time would both be seeing 4th seasons! And even CW's Beauty and the Beast--so very loosely based on anything fairy tale or related to the inspiration show--escaped the ax and will see a third season. So the name is out there, too. OUAT Wonderland got the ax but Wonderland was a stretch always. I hope the musical version will be much more successful in the fall or whenever it arrives on our screens.

Now I am tempted to order season 2 for a future marathon viewing. I own season 1 and although I can stream, that is still frustrating at times when watching several episodes at a time. Hmmm...

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  1. I haven't seen Grimm but this post intrigues me enough to make me want to give it a try. My reason for not watching is the same as yours -- I generally don't like horror or detective stories. I'm a couple seasons behind on Once Upon a Time, but I also feel annoyed about the Disney commercialization; I think it just solidifies the idea in people's minds that Disney fairy tales are the "originals." That's why I prefer the characters in that show that Disney never used, like Little Red Riding Hood and Rumpelstiltskin.