Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fairy Tales in Stitches Week: Fairy Tale Sampler by Dragon Dreams

I really couldn't remember if I had shared this one before and a cursory search didn't produce. Either way, I want to share it again because the words in it are some of my favorites. This sampler by Dragon Dreams captures some of what we love about fairy tales.

Once upon a time is how most fairy tales start, then add a questing maiden or a knight so pure of heart. Sometimes there is a treasure, princely frog or magic blade, dangers to be conquered or long journeys to be made. Yet strength and courage triumph, to the enemy's chagrin, the questing soul discovers that the hero lies within.

Now I just wish I remembered if I actually own this pattern because I may have to stitch it. I'd put it on a different colored cloth, something happy. And I'd probably space it a little longer--it would fit nicely on one of those narrow walls, usually by a door, that never have something the right size to fit on them. I have a few of those kinds of walls.

This image came from I am not affiliated with them but for convenience I recommend 123Stitch for acquiring these patterns. I have a favorite local shop in Nashville, but they don't do online orders. I have used 123Stitch personally in the past and liked their service, so I feel okay offering them as a resource link.

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