Sunday, March 11, 2012

Once Upon a Time: Sneak Peek Episode 15: Red-Handed

Tonight's long-anticipated episode of Once Upon a Time is "Red-Handed" in which we FINALLY get some of Red Riding Hood's backstory. After last week's very disappointing episode, we need a good one. (Gypsy covered the bases on how disappointing episode 14 was on her blog.) I knew we were in trouble when I saw those fairy costumes and set in the first few seconds. Ouch. If it were parody, yes. Not parody? No!

From TVOverMind:

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Granny from Once Upon a Time is just as formidable in the fairytale world as she is in Storybrooke. And it also shouldn't come as a surprise that Ruby and Red are both yearning to get out from under her thumb. In this weekend's episode, Ruby actually decides to quit her job at Granny's Diner and do some soul-searching. Emma offers to hire her on as the sheriff's assistant so that she can figure out what she's good at.

While Ruby's existential crisis in Storybrooke is clearly important, Red's crisis in the fairytale world of Once Upon a Time is far more a matter of life and death. You see, a wolf is terrorizing her village. At first, it seems like the wolf is only picking off sheep. When some of the villagers put a hunting party together and come talk to Granny about it, she thinks they're stupid to try and get themselves killed to save a few sheep. Red is very eager to go with them, but Granny quickly shoots down that idea and tells her to stay inside with her red cloak, because apparently red repels wolves. We also learn that Red is in love with a man named Peter, who Granny does not approve of.

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  1. I have my fingers tightly crossed for this week as I feel rather obligated to keep watching but all signs point to a good episode in general. Wondering if they'll be incorporating a Peter and the Wolf story line as well.