Sunday, March 4, 2012

Music Month: Once Upon a Time by Helen Trevillion

Inside Myself / Once Upon a Time by Helen Trevillion offers four tracks from her Once Upon a Time CD.  From her site:

This little EP is disc 2 of the 'Inside Myself / Once Upon A Time' album. It consists of four songs based on four fairytale protagonists. I have depicted their stories, their situations, their feelings... it's all rather subjective of course but this is my take. :] I think this is the stronger of the two CDs.

ONE DAY I would like to make an extended (i.e. full album length) fairytale album, because I think it worked nicely and there are so many more magical little stories that are begging to be explored in song.

The four fairy tales represented are Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Goose Girl and Cinderella. I love that that she included Goose Girl since it is so often ignored or forgotten or never known for that matter.

Here are sound videos of Goose Girl and Rapunzel--the imagery is just a photo of the artist.

On her website, Trevillion also has a song titled "Noted Absense of Fairy Godmother."

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