Saturday, March 3, 2012

Music Month: Prince Charming by Adam Ant

Adam Ant - Prince Charming by jpdc11

Okay, here's one that is also 30 years old, "Prince Charming" by Adam Ant. Wow, somehow I missed the music video for this one the first time around but it definitely plays with Cinderella. Or I don't remember it. I am an 80s child, but music videos weren't in my regular viewing except for Friday Night Videos when I had sleepovers with friends. So it's not surprising, but if I ever did see this one, it didn't stick in my memory.

But the lyrics aren't about the fairy tale, but this makes a fascinating historical journey to the 80s. And Cinderlad twist on Cinderella. The theme is much more obvious these days than it was to me at age 10 or so.


  1. OMG!!! Do I remember this!! And just like that, the tune is in my head, without even having to listen to it *lol* Ooo-er, how old does that make me?!

  2. His "Puss in Boots" video is also fun, with the robo-mice and female Puss.