Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2,000th Post, Status of SurLaLune and Plea for Guests Posts

Hello all you wonderful readers! This is the SurLaLune blog's 2,000th post and I only wish I had more to write to celebrate. You see, the trouble is that I came home from Grimm Legacies a month ago and my world exploded with busyness that seemed unimaginable since January was an overload within itself. I didn't think I could do more and I didn't plan it this way. I planned to come home, write blogs, finish the next SurLaLune title and enjoy February.

That didn't happen. One surprise after another has rained down upon me the past few weeks and I can’t believe a month has passed. The events, which I won’t bore you with details here, are ongoing for the next few months. Never fear, I will keep posting but some of my bigger projects are delayed for a bit while my life catches up with my ability to enact my dreams and goals for SurLaLune, including a fairy tale database which I discussed at Grimm Legacies. Once this chaos has passed—never fear, it’s overall good chaos, but chaos all the same, which is always exhausting—expect big announcements that I had planned for this 2,000th post but will have to await probably the 2,100th or perhaps the 2,200th post. The domain name and preliminary design for the database is underway but currently on hold since my time is demanded elsewhere for a few months. I had hoped to launch a Kickstarter campaign for support but that will be at least a few weeks if not a month or so out. Hopefully!

For now, don’t forget to write an entry for the chance to win a copy of The Next Full Moon by Carolyn Turgeon. See details here. The opportunity ends on Friday.

And, since I am VERY overwhelmed right now, please consider offering to write a guest blog for SurLaLune. Share a paper, a poem, an illustration, or anything fairy tale related. Please try to have it ready to go with little editing so I just have to format and post. My time is extremely limited right now! Email it to me and I will be happy and grateful to share it with readers here. I am thinking up thank yous for your efforts but my brain is short on resources at the moment.

And never fear, I do plan to write up the remaining coverage for Grimm Legacies as well as the art exhibit Fairy Tales, Monsters and the Genetic Imagination. I will be able to resume those in a few more days, I hope.

And, finally, thanks to all of you readers. I wouldn't be here without you!


  1. Oh, writing a guest post sounds fun! And good luck with your things!


  2. CONGRATS HEIDI!!!!! *loud and continuous applause*

    I'm so excited for you. Wish I could actually be of some help... Now that the internet company has swapped out our ancient equipment with newer, faster, less intermittently working bits I hope to blog more regularly (take some pressure off?) and if I have multiple stories I can manage in a day I will send one or two your way (email of course).

    Yay Heidi! I'd bring you a celebratory cake (and pitch in with some grunt work) if I possibly could. Let me know if you think I can assist in any way. x

  3. I love the idea of a database! It marries what I love with what I do :) I'm planning to go see the exhibit at the Frist on Thursday night, can't wait! I might be interested in writing a guest blog but I think I'd also be pretty intimidated...hopefully some other readers will get the ball rolling!

  4. Such a great idea, good luck with this busy time!

    I'd love to do a guest post... perhaps something on the fairy tale papers presented at ICFA this year? I will try to get to as many as I can (I'm giving one as well!)