Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Student gets to test science behind Rapunzel fairy tale

Photograph by: Arlen Redekop, PNG

From Burnaby student gets to test science behind Rapunzel fairy tale at Science World:

Burnaby student Linette Ho had a serious scientific question: Would the handsome prince from the fairy tale Rapunzel have really have been able to climb the beautiful maiden’s hair to get to her tower room?

A Science World experiment Wednesday gave the 16-year-old Moscrop Secondary student her answer. It turns out, human hair is strong enough to hold a human.

Ho’s question was chosen as part of the B.C. government’s contest called “Choose Science, Go Far, Win Big” as part of the province’s Year of Science. Five more winners will be named in the spring.

In the experiment, Science World staff clamped a hank of long human hair (collected for use as a hair extension, but rejected) to a mechanical device, then attached a handle to the other end. Ho grabbed the handle and the rig lifted her off the ground. Then B.C.’s Minister of Science and Universities Ida Chong, followed by several spectators, took a turn.

“It didn’t break at all,” said Science World spokeswoman Amanda McCuaig.

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  1. I'm not surprised at all! When you once put to discussion this theme, I quoted the scientific explanation of this phenomenon, that I had found in Internet.
    It's thrilling to see this in action, though!:) Good for the student!