Saturday, February 19, 2011

Beauty & the Beast by Kirsi Salonen

It's Saturday and I am needing a little break from blog entries.  Never fear, I have quite a few things planned for next week, things that were planned for yesterday and today, but will come a few days later instead.

Anyway, on Saturdays I am always prone to simply share pretty pictures because I was raised by an art historian. And I love pretty pictures. So here is an illustration for Beauty & the Beast by Kirsi Salonen. (Click through to see a large image of it.)

You can see more of Salonen's work at her gallery although this is the only piece there that is directly fairy tale inspired. I first saw the image through a great blog, Children's / Fantasy Illustrations. Now what does it say about me that this piece reminds me of Eleanor Vere Boyle more than anything else? (Besides that I have spent many, many hours looking at classical illustration....) They are quite different in style, but the tone is similar to me, perhaps me alone.

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