Monday, February 7, 2011

Fairy Tales Re-imagined Symposium in Australia

A Fairy Tales Re-imagined Symposium presented by ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) will be taking place in March in Australia, alas. I don't think I will make it to this one as intriguing as it sounds. Although I would LOVE to attend...

I'm copying the entire information page but won't block text it this time since it will be longer than usual and I don't think anyone wants to read all of it italicized. So the rest of this post is a quote:

From Werewolf to Forbidden Room

This two-day symposium will explore how traditional fairy tales are being reworked by visual artists, filmmakers and popular culture.

Join cultural commentators, psychologists and artists as they explore why fairy stories continue to enchant, entertain, fascinate and horrify adult audiences.

Thursday 10 March 2011

9-9.30am > Registration

9.30 - 10.45am > Re-enchantment: The hidden world of fairy tales for adults

Join writer/director Sarah Gibson and producer Sue Maslin for a look at Re-enchantment, an interactive multi-platform documentary project exploring the world of fairy tales. Delivered via the internet, television and radio, it combines rich content with animation for an immersive and community-building experience.

11am - 1pm > Woman and Wolf

A fairy tale over 700 hundred years old, Red Riding Hood has been reworked and re-told countless times. This panel will explore the themes and interpretations of this classic story and how it has evolved to reflect ideas about women through the ages.


Dr Kimberley Pearce - Girl Meets Beast: the Power of the Pelt

Jazmina Cininas - The Girlie Werewolf

Professor Barbara Creed - The Eroticism of Being Devoured

Chaired by Dr Terrie Waddell

2pm - 4pm > If the Shoe Fits: Interpreting Cinderella

Fairy tales aren't what they used to be, with modern stories rejecting the passive, conventional heroines of old. With the characters and stories changing, what does that mean for the fairytale ending and the quintessential Cinderella dream?


Dr Meredith Jones - The Princess and Makeover Culture

Sarah Gibson - Psychological Interpretations of Cinderella

Professor Peter McNeil - Sex, Shoes, and Cinderella

Chaired by Dr Esther Milne

Friday 11 March 2011

9.30am - 10.45am > Old Tales, New Platforms: The Creation of Re-enchantment

Join the creators of Re-enchantment, writer/director Sarah Gibson, producer Sue Maslin, and digital animator Rose Draper, along with chair Professor Norie Neumark, for a behind-the-scenes presentation of how this beautiful and complex production came together.

11am - 1pm > Working Creatively with Fairy Tales

Fairy tales have existed beyond books for generations; permeating mainstream and popular culture through film and TV, sold to us in products, and reflected in our social values. This panel will look at the recurring symbols of fairy tales and the ways we recognise and read these motifs.


Joy Norton - Symbols in Fairy Tales

Adam Hunt - Fairy Tale Motifs in Advertising

Dr Meredith Jones - The Symbol of Hair: The Hair Project

Chaired by Dr Constance Verevis

2pm - 4pm > The Forbidden Room: From Bluebeard to CSI

The story of Bluebeard and its themes of a forbidden room continue to appear in literature and other forms of art. This panel will discuss contemporary treatments of this darker fairy tale theme.


Cathy Cole - Death as Entertainment

Dr Terrie Waddell - The Forbidden Room in Cinema Narratives

Chaired by Dr Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario

Breaking news! Jeff Lindsay, creator of America's most-read, most-watched and most-beloved serial killer, Dexter Morgan, will be joining the panel of "The Forbidden Room."

Admission Two days: Full $40 Concession $30

Single day: Full $25 Concession $20

Free group bookings for tertiary students and lecturers

For bookings call (03) 8663 2583 or email


  1. For those who won't be in Melbourne for this Fairy Tales Symposium, we're hoping to podcast the panels. Stay tuned to Re-enchantment for details:

    The Re-enchantment Team

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