Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Movie Novelization and Some Creative Marketing...

Red Riding Hood Red Riding Hood (Enriched)

From Do You Miss The Novelization Of Popular Movies? So Did The Producers Of ‘Red Riding Hood’by Brent McKnight:

In what feels like a throwback to a trend that Hollywood has largely abandoned in recent years, the novelization of big time films, Little Brown has released Red Riding Hood, an adaptation of the upcoming movie of the same name. Written by Sarah Blakely-Cartwright, the book debuted in the top spot on the New York Times Paperback Kids/Young Adult charts.

Blakley-Cartwright was on the set every day during the production of the film. From her vantage point, the author was able to weave in details of the atmosphere created by the filmmakers and cast, capturing the story’s suspense and romance as she created a stand-alone reading experience.

An enhanced ebook version of Red Riding Hood is also available, with exclusive bonus material and behind the scenes features from the film. The movie opens on March 11, and on March 14, an additional chapter to the book will be made available at 9 AM, at http://www.redridinghoodbook.com/. That’s a hell of a marketing strategy, tying a book to a movie, and then going from the movie back to the book again.
Wow, they are marketing this movie rather innovatively, aren't they?

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