Monday, February 7, 2011

Fairy Tales and Doctor Who Coming Soon

Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series

From Sturges teases 'Doctor Who' miniseries by Tom Aryes:

Writer Matt Sturges has teased some of the details surrounding his upcoming Doctor Who limited series for IDW Publishing.

The four-issue series is set outside of continuity and follows the current Doctor, played in the BBC TV series by Matt Smith, and his companion Amy Pond as they travel to a fairy tale land.

"The basic set-up is that the Doctor is really daring Amy to think of some place where he can take her that is beyond imagining; something that is really good," Sturges explained to CBR. "She tries to flummox him and she says when she was a little girl she always dreamed of going to a fantasy world with fairies and unicorns and elves and he thinks for a minute and then says, 'Yes. I can do that'."

The duo wind up traveling to the planet Caligaris Epsilon Six, which houses a recreational holiday park based on classic fairy tales, but are soon forced to defend the planet's inhabitants from an unknown foe.

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