Friday, December 3, 2010

VI. Rapunzel Love and Hate by Rossichka

More of your Rapunzel Love and Hate thoughts. Here's part VI. by Rossichka.

During the last couple of years I’ve been connected with “Rapunzel” as never in my life before. After directing it for the puppet stage, I had the chance to follow the reactions of the audience (especially the children) who were always enchanted and lived the story to the full. I enjoyed the pleasure the actors worked with as well as their love towards the show that never fails. Now I can say that this fairy-tale intrigued me more than any other else did during the last few years. Why? Because it has several layers . Because it puts a lot of questions that may receive different answers, because it can provoke different art interpretations . The themes that I was moved by were: the child’s necessity of independence and self-determination; the parents’ control and custody; the right to make your own choices in life and, of course, the power of love that gives strength, hope and meaning of one’s life. So that’s why “Rapunzel” is so special to me.

P.S. “Rapunzel” is not among the most famous fairy tales in Bulgaria.

by Rossichka

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