Friday, December 3, 2010

Rapunzel in Advertising

I've offered many Rapunzel ads in the past and decided not to repeat those.  You can find them by clicking the Rapunzel or Advertising tags on the left hand of the blog.  The following I haven't shared before:

Burger King: Rapunzel
Advertising School: Miami Ad School/ESPM Sao Paulo, Brazil
Copywriter: Renato Maroni
Art Director: Rafael Voltolino
Illustrator: Edson Yamasaki
From adsoftheworld (appears to be a classroom project, not a real campaign)

 Calgary International Film Festival: Rapunzel
Advertising Agency: Wax, Calgary, Canada
Creative Director: Joe Hospodarec
Art Director: Joel Arbez
Copywriters: Saro Ghazarian, Sebastian Wilcox
Illustrator: Kim Smith

Lux: Strengthen your hair
Advertising Agency: JWT, Beijing, China
Creative Directors: Jordan Hsueh, Sun ShanKun
Art Director: Chris Yan
Copywriter: Wang Su
Released: 2008

Rush: Rapunzel
Agency: De Pasquale, Australia
Writers: Grant Johnston & Cos Luccitti
Art Director: Grant Johnston
Photographer: Andreas Smetana
Producer: Ellie Smidt

This one was an exhibition project by Martijn, not a real campaign, also found on adsoftheworld: