Thursday, December 23, 2010

Makeup: Alima Holiday 2010 LE Fairy Tale Collection

I am not much of a makeup wearer although I have a strong fetish for nail polish since I can see it and play with it.  (I'm not the only one since nail polish sales have thrived during the recession.)  Anyway, on occasion, makeup lines will do fairy tale themed releases and make me wish I wasn't allergic to almost everything on the market.  I cover the collections here on the blog when I find them, especially the nail polish, click the "makeup" subject tag to see more. 

The most recent is the Alima Holiday 2010 LE Fairy Tale Collection. It is actually broken down into two subcollections: Once Upon A Time and Happily Ever After.

What fascinates me the most about these collections is the naming conventions.  They are almost always the same.  Popular choices for almost any collection: Glass Slipper, Fairy Godmother, Poison(ed) Apple, Prince Charming and Enchanted Forest.   This particular set uses "The End" and "Spun Gold" which is more unusual.

Description for Once Upon A Time:

Celebrate this holiday season in Fairy Princess style! “Once Upon A Time,” a beautiful princess discovered four gorgeous eyeshadows that helped her overcome evil and be the darling of all the holiday parties.

•Fairy Godmother is a medium purple with a generous serving of silver sparkle.

•Glass Slipper is a soft, silvery yellow.

•Spun Gold is a deeper golden shade (that may or may not match the princess’ golden locks).

•Enchanted Forest is a soft taupe sprinkled with gold and silver shimmer

Description for Happily Ever After:
Dark magic attempts to thwart our beautiful princess, but of course good magic is stronger, and she is able to use the Poison Apple to her advantage. As in all fairy tales, the princess lives “Happily Ever After” with some new tools at her disposal.

•Poison Apple is a rosy blush with a peachy shimmer.

•Magic Wand is a magical, do-anything nude shimmer with multi-toned sparkle that can be worn on the eyes, cheeks or décolleté.

•The End is the final touch, an almost-black eyeliner, sparked with diamond-like silver shimmer.

Each set is available for $25, with $2 from each set going to The Global Fund for Women.

The Body and Soul and Phyrra blogs have reviews of the lines with more photos of the colors.

Now I wonder if there will be more releases as fairy tales become more and more visible in pop culture over the next few years with the slew of upcoming film releases as well as a television series. 

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  1. Oh yes there will be more Faerie films coming, although there are good ones and some not so good. One to surly be on the look out now in devlopment a project called " Wings of a Faerie " I am a script reader for a Major studio. In Hollywood and we have been looking for sometime. And we found one. This has been compared to
    TPB. And better can't give away anything but it floored us after a read. But defiantly be on the look out......Wings of a Faerie!