Friday, December 3, 2010

II. Rapunzel Love and Hate by Sam V.

From his book Rapunzel. Visit his website. 

More of your Rapunzel Love and Hate thoughts. Here's part II. by Sam V.

What I like best about Rapunzel is what I like best about all the truly memorable fairy tales - it has an specific image in it that tells you exactly what it is. Hansel and Gretel have the gingerbread house, Cinderella has the glass slipper, Red Riding Hood has, well, the red riding hood - and Rapunzel, of course, has the hair. Attributes like these are almost like hagiographic iconography. Just like seeing keys and knowing it's Saint Peter, or a broken wheel and knowing it Saint Catherine, you need only to see that one image and you just know what the story is. That's what, to me at least, makes some fairy tales stand out far more than others - that instant visual, that shines out even in an unillustrated text.

by Sam V.

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  1. If I read the intro to these correctly, I think I'm one of the winners. If so, THAT'S GREAT! Can't wait to see the book. Is there any info that I would need to get to you?