Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quilt Week: Snow White and Rose Red by Colleen Voet

This is a quilt by Colleen Voet illustrating Snow White and Rose Red.  Here is what she says about it on her website:

My job for the 2009 quilt show for Foothill Quilters Guild was the Challenge. The theme of the quilt show was "Once Upon a Time." I had people pick a Dove Dark Chocolate from a bag; inside each was a promise, and they were to use the promise to pick a fairy tale, then base their quilt on the fairy tale. I picked "Buy Yourself Flowers" and used the fairy tale "Snow White and Rose Red" because the girs were "as fair as flowers that grew outside their cottage." I based the girls on a couple of Flower Fairy patterns, but enlarged them and turned them both into rose-type flowers. I used both fusible and needle-turn applique for the picture, and thought the background turned out pretty good considering it was my 3rd start and was 4 fat quarters sewn together. There are hot-fix crystals on both dresses.

This quilt was judged, and the judges gave it a 2nd place ribbon.

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