Monday, October 11, 2010

Third-graders write their own [fairy tale] pop-up books

Little Red Riding Hood: A Classic Collectible Pop-Up

Because I love fairy tales and pop-up books...

From Third-graders write their own pop-up books by Jennifer Fitch:

Students wove imaginative fairy tales with colorful pictures in pop-up books they can either keep for themselves or submit for circulation in the school library.

In Suzy Lemus’ story, the centuries-old characters of Hansel and Gretel trap a witch in an oven. Things get complicated in her tale, though, because the house was constructed from chocolate.

It “melted the house,” said Suzy, 9.

Savannah Neil, 8, used three different types of pop-ups in her book. She said she’d like to make more books at home.

Austin Shaffer, 8, drafted a “fractured fairy tale,” which is a silly version of a well-known story, called Rumplealien. The main character finds an alien princess at the end of his story.

“She beats him up,” Austin said.

Aidan Pooler, 8, said his book has more action than the original “The Ugly Duckling.”

“He goes down the Mississippi River and goes into a big pond. He’s raised by another duck family,” Aidan said.

Tayler Claar titled her book “The Frog Princess.”

“It’s different. I added two frogs, a (Nintendo) DS, a Dad and dinnertime,” said Tayler, 9.

Keontay Aviles, 9, wrote a tale about a wolf and pig who are racing. The pig wins, despite the wolf’s attempts to bully the pig.
I edited this down to focus on the fractured tales told by the kids, so click through to read the entire article which isn't much longer.  There are also images and a video of one student reading her book to get an idea of who the assignments were fulfilled. Fun class unit on books and fairy tales!  And a great teacher or teachers, too....

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